Thursday, March 15, 2007

Chinese-Jewish Fusion Food or Kosher Szechwan

Last night I cooked up a new dish which combined kosher egg noodles with Chinese spices. First boil the water to cook the noodles. Then add the package of noodles and cook according to the instructions on the package. At the same time chop up and fry in a wok one medium onion, one large clove of garlic, one inch of fresh ginger root, one Serrano chili pepper and five miniature carrots. Cook these ingredients over medium heat. In a small bowl combine three tablespoons of hosein sauce with three tablespoons of ketchup and two teaspoons of chili oil. After boiling the noodles add them to the wok and pour the sauce over them. Then cook while stirring until the sauce is evenly distributed over the surface of the noodles. This dish turned out to be surprisingly tasty.

Update: I have corrected the spelling of "poor" to "pour." Normally, I would not note this correction. But, it was pointed out to me by Kristin in the comments and since English is not her native language I think she deserves some credit for this. I am pretty sure that there will never be a day when I am correcting errors in Estonian language posts. So I am pretty impressed.


KRISTIN said...

An inch of ginger root!?!? Isn't it too much?
Anyway, I got here to say thank you and I'm sincerely glad that your conference was so great!

And I found a small typo in your post (geee, I'm so proud I did!!) - it's "pour", not "poor".

P.S. I went to the clinic this morning and I'll get the results of the tests on Tuesday. I'm on a sick leave now (you do call it "sick leave", right?) and don't have to work at least until next Tuesday :D I love it!

J. Otto Pohl said...


An inch of ginger is not too much for us. But, please feel free to reduce it to your own tastes. You are absolutely right about the typo. That is what I get for relying upon the spell checker. By the way I have noticed that your written English has gotten better in the last year. It was always quite good, but now it is very good. I will correct the typo if I can figure out how to do strike outs.

It is indeed called "sick leave." Although I hope you are not too sick. Have fun with your time off. But don't wear yourself out.

Finally, thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting. I was just thinking how much I missed your comments. Maybe it is because I am an Estophile.

KRISTIN said...

HEY! You are sooo unbelievably nice to me! Thank you!

KRISTIN said...

Wow. I just noticed my name there and blushing here big time LOL.
Well, spelling is easy in English, I think. But at times I do misspell on good purpose, for example I never say "I'll lie down" because everyone would laugh at me. It's "I'll lay down", of course ;-)