Thursday, March 22, 2007

Current Big Project

My current big project is to finish editing and revising Catherine's Grandchildren: A Short History of the Russian-Germans under Soviet Rule by June. I have put off working on the manuscript for a while due to other obligations. I intend to get back to getting it into publishable form in the next couple of days.


KRISTIN said...

Why wouldn't you write about the dog? It's a nice personal and EMOTIONAL subject, if you will ;-)

J. Otto Pohl said...

Because it was not a positive event in my life. I try and keep this blog upbeat and positive. Also I just did not want to deal with it anymore after calling the Animal Control people.

KRISTIN said...

oo.. you think ignoring negative is positive? I think positive is when you can learn something good from every negative event. I also think that overly positive blog is very formal. Come on, let people relate to you, not only other historians, but everyone :-)