Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I think this might be why I am unemployed

Evidently I do not have the proper background to teach today's college courses. Political history has largely been abolished in favor of other things. Go here to see what type of garbage passes for higher education today.

hat tip: Nathanael Robinson of Rhine River


Chris O'Byrne said...

Otto, I have personally taken several of those courses and they have made me the transgender, post-feminist, queer musicalogist I am!

KRISTIN said...

Oooo.. this is the personal post you ought to write??? ;))

Abed said...

Does anybody wonder why China, India et al are now leading the world in fundamental research, while the rest of us seem happy to read stuff about feminist literature? There's a worse case: 3rd world elites who adopt this kind of pie-in-the-sky thinking while studying in the West, and then come back to their home countries contributing nothing but the odd, hopelessly translated article in a newspaper about "new masculinities..." as if the old masculinities weren't problematic enough. Thank your lucky stars you're in the West, where at least this sort of thing makes it into public discourse.