Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cooking in Arivaca

Recently, I have been cooking a lot of rice and chili and rice and salsa for dinner. These are really simple and tasty recipes. Just cook up an onion and four serrano peppers in olive oil then add cooked rice and then either a can of chili or a jar of salsa. I have been cooking these dishes regularly in our wok. So much so in fact that our old wok had to be retired to the graveyard of dead woks out in the back yard. Today, my uncle purchased a new big 14" diameter carbon steel wok. He also got some Thai fish sauce. So I am going to start doing some South East Asian style dishes in the wok. If anybody wants to come by for dinner let me know. I can cook a lot food in the new wok.


KRISTIN said...

I want to come by :(
It all sounds delicious!

Chris O'Byrne said...

Sounds delicious! How 'bout I stop by as soon as I get back from my trip... sometime in the middle of February?

Hamster said...

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