Thursday, May 11, 2006

Still Waiting, Writing and Walking

I still have yet to hear about the job. It has now been 18 days since the last interview. Since the job is in a country on a different continent it is important that I hear soon. If they wait to tell me in July that only gives me a month to make all the preparations for leaving the US for two years. If they are not going to give me the job they should tell me soon as well. I am currently having to postpone finishing other plans while I wait.

Catherine's Grandchildren is up to 118 pages now. I am currently writing about the events that led to the declaration of the Volga German Workers' Commune by Lenin on 19 October 1918. It was the first autonomous national territory in Soviet Russia.

It has gotten up into the 90s, but I am still walking a little over five miles a day. It is not too bad now that I am used to the unpaved roads and heat. Walking in Arivaca gives me plenty of time to think about my future.

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