Thursday, May 25, 2006

I did not get the job

Well I did not get the foreign job I have been waiting over a month to hear on. They finally wrote me back after I e-mailed them every week for the last three weeks reminding them. They claimed they were waiting to hear if the two people they wanted more than me wanted to take the job. Why they did not write back earlier and tell me this can only be explained by rudeness. I seriously doubt the two people they hired instead of me have two books, several book chapters and half a dozen journal articles published each. Especially since the job only pays $500 a month with no benefits. That is correct the job pays less than US minimum wage. It also requires a Ph.D. from a western university. How many people applying for such a job have as many academic publications as me? I will bet $100 that none do. Their country is never going to develop with such policies.

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