Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Well my technical problems still persist, but it appears I can blog now. I tried plugging in an external mouse. Its left click does not work either. But, since plugging it in I have been able to substitute a combination of right clicks and enters for most left clicks. For some reason I could not do this before plugging in the faulty external mouse. I am going to try and get a fully working mouse soon. The first one I got had the wrong shape of plug.

Since I have been absent from the internet I have written a little bit on my popular history of the Russian-Germans under Soviet rule. I have also read several books dealing variously with the history of Arizona, Mexico, Tuscon, Geronimo and Nogales. I also read some mystry novels. My uncle and I have taken a great like to the works of James Burke recently. Yesterday I saw a deer outside the kitchen window and today our road runner, Dum-Dum, managed to fly onto my back porch. I still have not figured out an alternative career to academia. Other than that not much has happened here at Serenity Ranch.


Frank said...

Welcome back, JOP

Jane said...

Glad you are back

KRISTIN said...

welcome back :D