Friday, January 27, 2006

20 acres is a really small world

It has slowly dawned upon me that my world has been reduced to a 20 acre parcel inhabited by one other human being. More significantly it appears that this situation will probably persist for quite some time. It seems like there are alot of things just out of my reach. For instance there are still two eateries in Arivaca I have not tried. But, they are eight miles away of which four is really rough terrain. I might be able to walk the sixteen miles. I have not attempted it yet. Outside of Arivaca the distances are a bit greater. There are alot of interesting places within 60 miles of here for instance, but I am definitely not up to a 120 mile walk. Lack of physical mobility is an aspect of rural poverty I had not fully considered. Do people in rural areas without cars just remain confined to small areas their whole lives?


KRISTIN said...

I wonder how much 20 acres would be... Anyway, our real world is within us and it's quite limitless :D

Sara Mathewson said...


you need to learn how to drive. It isn't hard, and Arivaca is a great place to learn. Will Jim help you with this?

J. Otto Pohl said...

Vito: In urban areas mobility is much easier for people without cars. There is public transportation and three miles over paved roads can be walked. When I lived in cities I never felt confined even when I had no money.

Kit: I like the new picture alot.

Sara: Yes I may have to learn how to drive. Although I am not sure how easy it will be to learn at my age.