Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thank you to my new readers

I would like to thank both Camicao and Academic Coach for stopping by and leaving polite comments. Out of four people who have left comments on this blog other than myself, three have been intelligent, polite and constructive people. One was an awful Scottish troll who was extremely rude and called me all kinds of names. I had to close comments on the post. He, however, linked it to a post on his blog where it attracted libels in his comment thread from others not only against myself, but the School of Oriental and African Studies, my supervisor and my Ph.D. examination committee. I thus purged the entry and all comments to it in order to minimize this type of unacceptable behavior. I am very glad that my two latest commentors are very different from David McDuff and people like him who are totally lacking in civility and manners.


Chris Conway said...

Otto, I'm sorry about what has happened with those negative comments. A blog is an open, trusting place of personal and intellectual disclosures. I think academic bloggers have a responsibility to support each other and keep the discourse supportive, no matter what our differences are. Don't let that fellow get you down. I like what I see in your blog because I'm very interested in hearing about other people's research, projects and working habits. Keep it up! I haven't had a chance to do it yet, but I'm going to update my blog roll soon and add you and one or two other blogs I've enjoyed discovering.

J. Otto Pohl said...

Thanks again for the comments. Wow, being added to a blogroll. I will have to figure out how to do that. I am pretty bad at most technology. My rule of thumb is to avoid any device that did not exist in Europe during the life the Prophet Mohammed. Hence I do not drive, have a cell phone or know how to play any video games made after the first Mario Brothers.

I don't mind people saying they think I am wrong. But, keep it civil and make an arugment. Don't just call me names. At anyrate I do not worry about it. But, I would like to keep all discourse on this blog polite. I realize I have some controversial opinions and public disagreement is fine. Being rude is not.