Thursday, July 21, 2005

Links as new technology

I figured out how to do links. Definitely not standard issue technology for Orientalists like myself. Certainly more complicated than the cave drawings I use in most presentations. But, it appears to work and I have added my first link, Camicao at Academic Splat. I anticipate that it will shortly be linked to this site in return. Since I believe in reciprocity, anybody who adds a link to my blog, let me know. You can just put the notification in one of the comments and I will add a link on this site to your blog.

1 comment:

Chris Conway said...

I've seen you responding to other people's posts on other blogs. That's a good way to get more traffic soon, I'm sure.

By the way: I'm glad that at least you can play one Mario Brothers Game. There's hope for you after all.