Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Today's schedule

Yesterday, I got a rough draft of my abstract for Boston written out by hand. Today I am going to type it up, edit it and send it off. Then I am going to work some more on revising my cover letter. On the basis of peoples comments I have decided I should really target jobs that do not require much teaching experience. There are a few post-docs and research orientated positions every year. Objectively, I should have a better chance at them then at jobs wanting people to teach world history to freshmen. Unfortunately, there are only about a half dozen post-doc openings a year in my field.

Next week after I have gotten some of the stuff with deadlines out of the way I intend to return to writing Catherine's Grandchildren. It has now sat for a while and I can go over it and see where it needs to be expanded or rewritten. I also need to start sending out proposals for publishing my dissertation as a book again. I do not think I am ever going to hear from the UK publisher currently looking at it. It would be nice to get a third book on my cv.

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