Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Now in Arizona

Well, I made the trip across VA, TN, AR, TX, NM and finally into AZ. I will start posting regularly again now that I have access to an internet connection. I think I may have two maybe even three occasional readers.

I will certainly have plenty of time to write out here. The distractions are minimal. I have to finish up my cotton paper and slavery encyclopedia articles. Then I can get back to working on book projects.


Camicao said...

Did you drive to AZ? How do you like it over there? My father is moving there tonight from Los Angeles. He will be living in Scottsdale, which he says is very nice. I haven't really been to Arizona for a "visit", although I've driven through it.

J. Otto Pohl said...

I did not drive, but yes I made the trip by car. I am far from Scottsdale. I am over south of Tuscon and north of Nogales. I just got here, but so far it looks alot nicer than AK or TX. The trip from LA is a lot easier than from Alexandria.