Sunday, August 21, 2005

Today's modest accomplishments

My big project today was pretty easy. It is after all Saturday. I wrote up the rough draft to an abstract for a conference in Canada in August 2006. I will edit it and polish it up in the next couple of days. I have already written the paper. I have an unpublished paper that fits into the conference perfectly that I wrote for the V. German case. So hopefully I have done all the work to earn myself a trip to Canada next year and get another book chapter published.

The septic tank people came today. They emptied the tank which they had a bit of problem finding. My uncle brought this house from a guy who left in mid-renovation, there is stuff all over the place, because his ex-wife's alimony demands required him to sell it. He left no map for the septic tank. They did, however, find it close to where my uncle thought it was. So that potential problem has no been solved in advance.

Tommorrow I will post on the Soviet deportation of the Russian-Koreans from the Soviet Far East to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. It will be the 68th anniversary of the deportation decree. Next week, the 28th will be the 64th anniversary of the decree ordering the deportation of the Volga Germans. It will receive a special entry.

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