Friday, August 19, 2005

Plans for the day

It is another warm and sunny day in Arivaca today. We are going to transfer some fish from the open water cistern near the well to the pond today. The cistern catches the excess water pumped from the well to the water tank. It is connected to some hoses that run down to the corrals. Inside the cistern are lots of little fish put there to eat mosquito eggs and larvae. The plan is to move some of them to the very large pond in the back of the property. We hope the fish along with the large number of tadpoles the toads left in the pond will eat enough bugs to prevent us from being eaten alive. The mosquitos here carry West Nile Fever so it is a rather serious concern.

Aside from that I intend to try and fill out at least one more job application and work on some abstracts for conferences for the summer and fall of 2006. I am very happy to be free of having to format any footnotes for the time being. Fortunately, none of my next few projects involve any footnotes at all.

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