Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pleasant surprise

Today I submitted a blog entry to another carnival. I sent the entry titled "What I would teach if they let me Part II" to the host of the newly organized Teaching Carnival. Later this afternoon when I got an e-mail from the host I was quite positive that it was a rejection. After all I do not have any teaching experience, my blog is obscure with few readers and I write mostly about topics of interest to few people in the blogosphere. I also believe there is an exclusionary clique around the most popular academic bloggers. A clique with very negative views of people like me. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to get an e-mail from the host of the Teaching Carnival thanking me for my submission rather than the instant rejection I fully expected. Of course the carnival may still exclude my entry when it runs. But, at least I did not get an automatic rejection.

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