Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Another day in utopia

The sun is bearing down quite fiercely now. The solar radiation has, however, forced the bugs into retreat. They only come out in force at night. There is also a small breeze to counteract the heat somewhat. No, we do not have airconditioning.

I am going to work on my abstract for Boston today. I hope to get a rough draft of it written out by this evening. I am going to delay covering the pipes for the day. It requires hauling a heavy wheelbarrow full of dirt up a rocky hill. Work I am deeming too difficult for me in this heat.

I will spend today in the most beautiful spot on Earth without any administrators, students or other people to cause me stress. It is amazing how much more work I can get done in such a relaxed atmosphere. I am now working on finishing deadlines for October, November and December. Elsewhere people are struggling with meeting deadlines for today. Of course they do not live in the Utopia of Arivaca.

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