Friday, August 19, 2005

Things are really good here in Arivaca

Well, looking at the misfortunes of alot of other bloggers I can not complain at all. I am living in the most beautiful spot on earth. It is very serene here and I have pretty much everything I could want. I have a grill. I have lots of room to stretch out and write. My office has a front and a back porch. Nobody bothers me. I have lots of books. I have an internet connection. It is pretty cool. I really like having the space. As a former urban dweller I am not used to having much personal space. I might decide to go native. You will know if I start wearing a big cowboy hat and tie dye shirt.


Frank said...

Noooooooo, JOP! Don't give in to the hippy cowboy neighbors!!! *LOL*

J. Otto Pohl said...

Neighbor is a relative term. They are eight miles away. But, I don't intend on buying any more clothes. Given the remotness of the ranch I am thinking it doesn't matter what I wear. Only the DEA spy planes patrolling the border can see me. A Jebella would be good in this heat.

KRISTIN said...

Sure sounds nice as you describe your living over there :P
I found the link to your blog from the baltic blog and I'm going to put that link in my blog, too (hope, you don't mind?) I have some American friends and I would like to introduce your great blog to them. One, btw, lives in Tucson, Az and wears a cowboy hat LOL (not sure about shirt though) But actually he's a native Texan but not quite that dumb as some sons of that state :p
Well anyway, just wanted to stop by and say TY for your nice blog, keep going on it! As for me - I have to practice my poor English so every chance is welcome for me.
Have a nice day,