Thursday, August 25, 2005

Slow progress

Today I finished digging the hole for the gate post down to 18". But, my uncle wants it made wider at the bottom like an inverted mushroom. The fireants and heat got too thick today to do that. There is no deadline so I will continue to work on it a little each day until it is done.

I got a little more written on the encyclopedia article. I will probably finish a rough draft of it tommorrow. Fortunately, it is not due until mid-October. So I have plenty of time to complete it. It is also only 1000 words. But, I have another two 1000 word articles and one 500 one also due at the same time I have yet to start.

I heard back from the cotton conference today by e-mail. They received my paper. I also got a rejection by e-mail for a position in Central Asian history I applied for before moving to Arizona. I haven't heard in a while from the publisher in the UK that has been considering publishing my dissertation as a book for about a year now. I sent them another e-mail the other day.

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