Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The roll did not last

Today was not nearly as productive as yesterday. I edited the cotton paper and wrote one page on Catherine's Grandchildren. I also got the details on six job applications and wrote to two of my three references. That took me just about all day due to my inherent laziness. I finished at about four and then put the chicken in the marinade and read some fiction. It was a lot hotter today than yesterday and I just could not work up the same motivation I had yesterday.

Tommorrow I am going to type in the corrections for the cotton paper and send it off. It will be about a month early. I want to get it finished and out of the way before I do any more of the encyclopedia articles. I am also going to try and get at least one of the job applications done. I should probably get the Canadian abstract done since I have finished the paper for that conference already. I am hoping that the complete and total lack of any social life out here in the desert will inspire me to be more productive.

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