Tuesday, April 10, 2018

You Tube Channel

I have started a Youtube Channel. The first video can be found here. The second one is here. I will doing more of these and probably be blogging less as I move into the 21st Century.


Claire Khaw said...

I actually would prefer it if you would type and then post your diary!

Claire Khaw said...

I would prefer it if you type your diary entry in words and then post it so it is readable and searchable. Is this very old fashioned of me?

Balder said...

Hi Otto,

I want to direct your attention to an article that appeared on a Danish blog some days ago; I'll link to a Google translation into English.

You may find this interesting, and perhaps this could be a talking point on the Luke Show.

January 9, 2019 - 'Revolutionary Antifascists', now with machine guns: We fight with the Kurds against 'nation states'



YouTube terminated my more than 7 years old account (containing a large number of mainly Danish mainstream media video clips relating to the Nationalist cause and the JQ , some with English subtitles) some months ago. I have not gotten around to creating a new account, and used the termination of it as a chance to get away from my addiction to commenting on YouTube videos for a while, forcing me to concentrate more on my own project.

I think my commenting also was the real reason for terminating my account, since I rarely uploaded any videos the last few years, and just used it for commenting, which was a stupid idea as I can see now.

It is better to have a separate account for commenting, so you don't risk having them take all the videos down. I still have a number of other YT accounts with videos, but I don't dare logging in to them, because I am afraid that will be the end of them.

If it fits in somewhere, please send my greetings and best wishes to Luke Ford and Company; I am still listening regularly.

Ps. Why do you demand logging into a Google account in order to comment on your blog?

This way you are empowering the YT/Google censors even more!


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