Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Musings of a Hopeless Reactionary

The smart phone is one of those things like tattoos or driver's licenses that I have never owned and will never own. I am convinced that a great deal of the ignorance of young people can be directly traced to their smart phone addictions. It was a far better world in many ways when people read books instead of playing on their smart phones all the time.


derRach said...

I second your observation. I too plan to never own a smartphone. For many youth, it appears to be an addiction.

Oh yeah, whatever happened to books, I mean real books printed on paper, in society? Back in the day, my most treasured possessions were books. In addition, smartphones have reduced proficiency in reading, spelling, and grammar. I suspect most if not all youth no longer know how to compose a letter. When Texting became a thing, I once received a message that consisted of a paragraph of words without spacings of separation or punctuation. I told them to forget my email address and learn grammar and spelling.

Long live Gutenberg!

A said...

But also a useful tool. You can download e-books onto a smartphone, as well as foreign language dictionaries. Mobile technology has made learning foreign languages much, much easier. So, not all bad, but very much a mixed bag.

Plus, there is also a convenient "flashlight" function, making the smartphone truly multi-purpose. :-)

andrew r said...

Without doing any actual research, I suspect people aren't getting stupider so much as social media has made existing anti-intellectualism more visible.

(I haven't commented on here much but we exchanged a few messages on JSF some years back and I read the blog.)