Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The middle of the week

Today I did not have classes. So I was a bit slow moving this morning and did not make the final bus to campus before noon at 9:00 am. Instead I took a taxi to work. Then I got breakfast. As always breakfast consisted of lentil soup and brown bread. It was made more interesting by conversation with a colleague from another department about the recent events here in Kurdistan. Afterward we both adjourned to get big paper cups of tea.

After breakfast I worked a little bit on a journal article due next month. Then I continued to reformat the references on another article. There is nothing more boring. I wish all publications would just go to Chicago style footnotes so I didn't have do so much grunt work to resubmit an article to a different journal after rejection. Finally, I got tired of retyping up references and went to lunch.

For lunch I had Kurdish rice and okra stew. I put ketchup on the rice to make it more edible. I ate with two senior students. They too had much to say about the recent events in Kirkuk.

After lunch I went and graded 46 quizzes for Civ 102.

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