Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Miracle ;-)

This blog almost never gets any comments because almost nobody ever reads it. But, my post on the Bruce Gilley article in Third World Quarterly got five comments. Of course this wasn't an accident. I deliberately manipulated the result by posting the link to my post at a half a dozen far more popular and more influential blogs. I am sure nobody found it any other way. Also I am positive that with one exception that none of the people that commented or read that post will comment or read any future posts by me on this blog. But, the experiment does show that there isn't yet a total boycott by North American based academics on reading anything I write. That is a step up from my initial hypothesis.


derRach said...

This is good news and calls for a celebration... maybe a pizza?

Pēteris Cedriņš said...

I used to read your blog quite avidly, but then fell away from doing much reading online for personal reasons--and I have returned because of the Gilley mention, yes. A friend drew my attention to the controversy, and plowing through diverse reactions I came across yours (rather high in the results for "Bruce Gilley," by the way--page 3). Good to see you are still at it, and I will return and read again!