Monday, January 09, 2017

Blogging in 2017

Based on the number of comments this blog gets and some other information this blog has exactly three human readers of which two are my parents. I suspect this is because the topics I blog about are of no interest to anybody else other than us four. I know all writing aims at niche markets, but three people is the type of audience private letters rather than public blogs garner. There is no helping it, however. It has been this way for years and nothing can be done to change it.


derRach said...

To thy own self be true!

"A long time ago in a place far, far away..." I remember a prevalent saying that ran something like: "Can 50 Million Frenchmen be wrong?" meaning that the minority, even just one, can hold the right while the majority can be wrong.

Anyway, popularity with the worldly is highly overrated, night wahr?

Nina said...

I still follow your blog, even though you have moved out of Ghana