Sunday, July 03, 2016

Another Walk

I went back to the Afghan War memorial in Ata-Turk Park today and noticed that there were another ten slabs with the names of dead soldiers from the Kyrgyz SSR on them on the other side of the statue. So that would bring the number of names up to about 265. The actual number of dead must be greater, however.


derRach said...

Glad that you are sharing your walking tours. Please give more descriptions?

Have you been able to visit your daughter's school and meet her teachers yet?

Do you think that you will ever be able to relocate to Kyrgyzstan to teach at the university there? What was the reason for your departure from the American University of Central Asia anyway?

It would be wonderful for your family to be reunited especially in your daughter's formative years of childhood.

derRach said...

03 July 2016

Dear Otto,

I have a good friend who has a textbook (in the final stages of the publication process) for undergraduate students in engineering, sciences and applied mathematics. Hopefully it will be officially released this month. It is intended for a second-year course on applied differential equations. I think that I read that the American University of Central Asia has an applied mathematics and informatics department?

Could you refer me to a professor(s) or assistant professor(s) in one of the Kyrgyz universities as I wish to recommend my friend's textbook to them upon its official release?

What is novel about his textbook is that it is a bridge; it begins with several of the classic methods for linear differential equations and then transitions to modern methods for nonlinear differential equations, including the one by my deceased friend Professor George Adomian, and one by yours truly.

I remark that I like his writing and teaching styles and have used him as an unofficial research deputy to represent me at two Chinese universities as I am unable to travel on commercial airlines. I received most favorable reviews about his teaching in China.

You well know, since he is teaching outside the bounds of orthodoxy in the US, that his newest textbook will find a receptive audience elsewhere.

Best regards,


J. Otto Pohl said...

der Rach:

My daughter's school is over on the other side of Kyrgyzstan in Talas Oblast. I saw it in 2013. There isn't any possibility of me relocating permanently to Kyrgyzstan due to a lack of employment opportunities here for me. If you want to know why I left AUCA you can look through this blog's archive's for 2010.

I do not currently have any connections at any Kyrgyz universities that might be able to help your friend in this matter.