Monday, June 20, 2016

Annual Kyrgyz Food Edition

The last couple of summers I have done a Kyrgyz food list. That is a list of dishes my wife has prepared for us during my stay. So far I have had the following this trip. Although some of these I had at cafes or as take out.








Fried liver and potatoes


Korean salad

Crab salad


Anonymous said...

I never even tried manti, but I always wanted to.

derRach said...

Can you find raw okra in Kyrgyzstan and do they have okra dishes there? I've presumed that okra is a popular ingredient in Ghana, or is it not so much?

Personal disclaimer: on our small family farm, we grew okra and ate a lot of it. I learned that okra is easy to grow in southwestern Michigan. After I left the farm though, I became partial to fried okra. I once worked for a large corporation in southern New Mexico, and they was a family style restaurant called K-bob's out of West Texas. I think the best fried okra ever. It was a steak house, but the sweet tea and fried okra were free and overflowing. You would have to turn your glass and bowl for okra upside down, or it would be refilled.

J. Otto Pohl said...

Okro is very popular in soups and stews in Ghana. It is not something that exists at all in Kyrgyzstan.