Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Break in Bishkek

I have been in Bishkek for the last two weeks. Unlike last year I have not felt compelled to write a lot about it. Although some day I still hope to write a short and simple history of Kyrgyzstan under Soviet rule with an emphasis on the Kyrgyz ASSR (1926-1936) and the Kyrgyz SSR. I have noticed that prices have gone up considerably here in the last year. By rough estimation it looks like food now costs twice as much here as it does in Ghana. Almost all the foreigners have also now left. The plane I arrived on only let off about a dozen of us in Bishkek and I was the only non-citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic. The rest of the passangers including a very large number of very rich looking European NGO parasites were on their way to Ulan Bator. There is no more easy money for the international leisure class to sponge off of in Kyrgyzstan. They have moved on to Outer Mongolia.

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