Friday, March 13, 2015

Coffee is African. So why can't I get any at the University of Ghana in Legon?

This picture actually has nothing to do with anything. I just like it. Unfortunately, there is no place on campus where you can get real coffee. All they have is that nasty Nescafe stuff that is made in a laboratory and has no real actual coffee beans in it. I am not sure why this is since Nkrumah was a strong Pan-Africanist and coffee comes from the oldest state in sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia. But, every time I bring up this argument as to why they should serve me real coffee and not Nescafe people look at me like I am the craziest obruni they have ever seen. However, I am quite positive that Ghana can not hold out forever as the only country in the world still serving horrible artificial instant coffee instead of authentic real coffee.


Leo Tolstoy said...

Russians are the same way. They like Nescafe because it's quick and easy. I think it's partly because they've never been exposed to good coffee so they don't know what they're missing.

The strangest is Turkey. They have the best coffee in the world, and yet everybody drinks weak tea.

Unknown said...

I love coffee, especially strong espresso style coffee that Starbucks has popularized here in my hometown, Seattle.

My love for coffee causes heartache when I travel to Korea, which is traditionally a tea culture. When coffee is served it is typically Nescafe-style instant coffee which I find horrid but nevertheless devour out of pure necessity.

In recent years have noticed the proliferation of espresso cafes and so I can get "good" coffee. However this is a tantalizing development as many are not open until mid morning. As it turns out these espresso cafes are frequented in the same way tea houses are, as a meeting point for social engagements.

So unfortunately for me the need to start out an early morning with a cuppa joe is not easily met.

T.S.O'Sullivan said...

Otto, someone appears to have hijacked your Facebook indentity for the purposes of soliciting. I will report this Facebook. Seamus

J. Otto Pohl said...

Seamus, thank you very much. I have taken care of the problem and had FB secure my account.