Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Tropical Food Post

Recently I have been eating a lot of plantains. In part because I gave up meat for Lent, so I need some extra calories somewhere, but also because they taste really good with jollof or waakye and eggs, salad, sauce, and pepper. At the current awful exchange rate you can get a carry out box of waakye, salad with cream, ten slices of fried plantain, a hard boiled egg, sauce and pepper for the equivalent of $1.50 (4 GHS). The picture to the right is red red which is beans, plantains, and palm oil. I don't eat that as nearly as often, but the waakye already has beans in it so the main difference is not eating a cup of palm oil. Sometimes though I do just go for a big order of kelewele. I quite like the spicy and sweet combination of the spiced plantains. I also like bissap for the same reason. The one great thing about Ghanaian food is that it is always spicy.

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