Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Mother Is Always Right

I have come to the conclusion that my wiser elders including my mother are indeed right. It is time this year to finally let all the bitterness of my past go. I am much happier working in Africa than I would have been in the US and if I had not gone to Kyrgyzstan I would never have met Oksana and started a family. In fact maybe I should thank God for unanswered prayers regarding getting an academic job in the US. There is a whole world outside the US and there are billions of people living happy fulfilling lives in that world. I really should concentrate of succeeding in that world and let the past go. I am taking the first steps now.


Leo Tolstoy said...

Yup, you're where you're supposed to be. I remember in '95 not getting a job at the U. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa and thinking it was a complete disaster. Now I thank God that I didn't get that job.

I'm reading "The Book of Wisdom" by Ibn Ata'Allah right now. Today's aphorism is, "Rest yourself from self-direction, for what Someone Else has carried out on your behalf you must not yourself undertake to do it." Sort of a fancy way of saying "go with the flow, dude."

J. Otto Pohl said...

The more I think about it that Some Body Else is God (Allah).

Katechon said...

God bless you.

All of us live primarily within affective, relational sheres. My love and our child is my 'house' before any actual house we can buy or rent.

Our relation is our home -- no matter if we live in Nevada, Canada, Thailand or India.

One's affective topology is more relevant than one's geographical address.

-- Dagney