Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Volga German Deportation Order (Corrected version)

For some reason a number of the printed versions of the 26 August 1941 decree of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and Council of Peoples Commissariats reproduced by A.A. German are redacted. This included the version I reproduced in part on this blog on 26 August 2011. So here is a reproduction of the first clause of the decree from a photograph of the document.

Decision of 26.VIII.41

1. - On Resettling Germans from the Republic of Volga Germans ,
       Saratov and Stalingrad oblasts.
                (Resolution of the SNK USSR and CC VKP /b/).

 Council of Peoples Commissariats Union of SSRs and CC VKP (b) resolves:

               1. Resettle all Germans from the Volga German Republic and from Saratov and Stalingrad oblasts a total number of 479,841 people to the following krais and oblasts.

                Krasnoyarsk Kray            -   75,000 people
                Altay Kray                        -   95,000    "
                Omsk Oblast                   -    85,000   "
                Novosibirsk Oblast         - 100,000   "
                Kazakh SSR                   -  125,000  "
Of this Number:
                 Semipalatinsk Oblast       -    18,000  "
                 Akmola Oblast                -    25,000  "
                 North Kazakhstan Oblast -   25,000  "    
                 Kustanay Oblast              -    20,000 "
                 Pavlodar Oblast               -    20,000 "
                 East Kazakhstan Oblast    -   17,000 "

Resettle all Germans without exception, those living in cities, as well as those living in rural locations, of this number are members of the VKP (b) [Communist Party] and VLKSM [Komsomol].            

Source: A photograph of the first page of the document is reproduced in A.A. German and A.N. Kurochkin,  Nemtsy SSSR v trudovoi armii (1941-1945), Moscow: Gotika, 1998,  p. 6. Translation from Russian to English by J. Otto Pohl.

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