Friday, August 12, 2011

First we take Manhattan then we take the world

Under Jakob's Ladder recently won two awards  at the Manhattan Film Festival this year. It won "Best Film - Period Piece" and the leading man Jeff Stewart won "Best Actor." The movie is about Stalin's persecution of ethnic Germans in Ukraine during the 1930s. In decades past it would have been almost inconceivable that a film on this topic would ever be admitted to a film festival in New York, yet alone win two awards. For people that have been involved in preserving the memory of the Russian-Germans murdered by Stalin this is a huge event. I would describe it simply as totally awesome. I played a very small role in the making of this film as an historical consultant, but virtually all the credit for this movie's success must go to the Moon Brothers and their cast and crew. Very well done guys.

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Maria Antonia said...

Thank YOU (and all the historical consultants) for the time you took to read the various incarnations of the script and pass on the historical knowledge necessary in creating our film world!

-Maria Antonia, Production Coordinator
(on behalf of the Moon Brothers and the entire cast and crew of UNDER JAKOB'S LADDER)