Thursday, June 09, 2011

Making Future Research Plans

I have been reading and thinking about comparative history recently. I have a couple of projects dealing with Russian-Germans I want to finish up. But, after I finish them I am going to change my research focus. It appears that I might be working in Ghana for quite some time. The source base here is best geared towards the colonial history of the Gold Coast, followed by the more recent history of the Republic of Ghana, and finally the history of Pan-Africanism as an ideology. I am told that the archives here especially for the colonial era are easy to access, well ordered, and contain a great deal of information. I am, however, not sure exactly what I would research. First, I obviously need to do a lot of background reading on African history. I would like to do something comparative that incorporates some aspect of African history. I have been thinking about maybe writing an extended comparison of Soviet policies towards deported nationalities, the special settlers, and South African apartheid. If anybody has any suggestions for me regarding sources on African history and possible comparative research projects I might be able to pursue please let me know. I will have some more thoughts on comparative history later.

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