Monday, January 17, 2011

Last Week in the US

This is my last week in the US before going to Ghana. I have finished most of my preparations for the trip. Yesterday I got my anti-malaria drugs from the pharmacy. I still have to go buy mosquito repellent.

I got a little bit more written on my book manuscript last night. It is now up to 140 pages double spaced. I am thinking of a provisional title of Russian-Germans in Kazakhstan and Central Asia: A Century of Prosperity, Persecution and Perseverance. But, I am open to suggestions that would point to its emphasis on the life of the nationality in Kyrgyzstan.

I have two syllabi on world history to write up this week. I have been working on them since I arrived in California. But, I still have to type them up.

The food in California is definitely different than in Bishkek. Despite an absence of two years, the best fast food burger both in quality and value for the money is still In and Out Burger. I have yet to find anything comparable in any foreign country.

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FLG said...

I have yet to find anything comparable to In & Out in the States.