Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Another Visit to the Volksrat

Yesterday I went with a research assistant to the Volksrat der Deutschen der Kyrgysischen Republik to return some books and let them know how our interviews in Kant and Ivanovka went. They were happy to see us and told me they wanted a copy of the book I was writing when it was finished. As always they were very friendly and their assistance is greatly appreciated.


Rustam said...

Hello Sir,

I hope you are doing alright. I have a quick question for you. What is the difference between diaspora and a minority. is Uzbek community in southern KG a diaspora or a minority?
Thanks ahead.
your proud student,

J. Otto Pohl said...

Rustam a diaspora is a minority that is spread out among a number of different countries as a result of migration. The Uzbek community in southern Kyrgyzstan is not a diaspora. Rather it is a national minority that came about as a result of the borders originally being drawn in such a way as to include Uzbeks in the Kara Kyrgyz Autonomous Oblast.