Monday, November 09, 2009

I actually took two days off this weekend!

I decided not to work on Sunday either. I am pretty sure that is the longest stretch of time I have gone without working since January. Instead I spent the weekend with my girlfriend and her son. He is now starting to recite parts of Green Eggs and Ham

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WR said...

It's about time. I actually wrote an entire paragraph in the article I tried to start over the summer. I feel as though the letdown after finishing my book might be lifting and I'll be able to work again soon.

Hey Otto, did you see this on Paul Goble's blog:

The state of the Islamic leadership there sounds about the same as in the North Caucasus: the official, older imams don't know the canons of Islam and don't have any authority. As for the prisons, interesting that the author mentions Hare Krishnas as "extremists." Well, if I was a vegetable I suppose I'd be wary of them!