Friday, February 08, 2008

More Orange Flavored Chocolate from Mars

The other day I found another orange flavored chocolate product from Mars in Ramstor, a large grocery store near my new apartment off of Abdrakhmanov (formerly Sovetskaia) Street. For 64 som I purchased a fairly large box of orange flavored Twixels. These are small Twix bars. Like the orange flavored M&Ms they appear to be manufactured by Mars only for the Russian speaking market. I have never seen them in the US.


Kristina said...

I believe it is part of the "Orange Revolution" gone underground to work on Russia's resolve of "Mars" supremacy! I'll check at our Ramstor in Almaty if they have what you are advertising. Intriguing!

J. Otto Pohl said...

Yes, let me know if you find anything. I also have found the orange M&Ms at the Ramstor here in Bishkek. I am waiting for orange flavored Snickers to appear on the shelves.

Susan Barnes said...

I've never seen them in Australia either.