Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Canadian View of the Arivaca Tower

I recently stumbled across this post on the tower in Arivaca based upon the Reuters story by Tim Gaynor earlier this week. It is an opinion from the other side of the US border with Canada. I am quite amazed at the amount of attention Arivaca has gotten recently.


Energetic Storyteller, Family Historian & Grebel Lover said...


It looks like it is best for all of us to stay in the United States as much as possible. Who knows who we may have offended? While there are no perfect answers to the illegal immigration question, I believe the legal immigration process is the way to go. My grandparents spent quite a few days at Ellis Island in quarantine before being admitted to the United States. My grandmother detested the experience and refused to speak much about it. But I am eternally grateful that she endured what she did for my sake.


J. Otto Pohl said...

Anna, I can not stay in the US. I start teaching in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan this August. BTW, there used to be a very large Russian-German population in Kyrgyzstan. In 1989 the Soviet census listed over 100,000 ethnic Germans there. By 1999 over 80% had left, mostly to Germany.