Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Updated Schedule for Conference on International Borders and Migration

This is an updated list of presentations that will be at the International Conference on International Borders and Migration I will be hosting at the Arivaca Community Center on Saturday 10 March 2007. The conference will start at 9 am and go to 5 pm. There will be two coffee breaks and a break for lunch.

Introduction and Overview

"International Migration in Global and Historical Perspective" - Dr. J. Otto Pohl (Arivaca, AZ)

International Migration and Europe

"Ethnic Cleansing, and Social and Environmental Ruin in Czechoslovakia" - Dr. Rudolf Pueschel (Mountain View, CA)

"Crossing the Borders of 'Fortress Europe'" - Professor Richard Griffiths (Leiden University, the Netherlands)

"The Opening of the Dutch Borders. Legal and Illegal Migration to the Netherlands 1945-2005" - Professor Chris Quispel (Leiden University, the Netherlands)

Immigrants and the US Border

"The International Smuggling of Children: Coyotes, Snakeheads, and the Politics of Compassion" - Dr. Greta Uehling

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