Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Very Perceptive Comment

I got this comment recently on one of my older posts. It was on the 1 August 2006 post providing a timeline of the Soviet deportation of the Russian-Germans. I thought it was worth putting it up front where it would enjoy a larger readership. I have reproduced the comment below.

Dear Otto, Viktor and Carla,thank you very much for your articles about the history of Russian Germans.

This tragic event in the History of WWII is hardly mentioned in Mainstream media. Most left-wing ideologists still believe that there was no racism or ethnic cleansing under the communist dictatorship and that the only victims of the Soviet Regime were the Jewish "Refusniki", persecuted in Brezhnev period of Soviet history. When it comes to the history of Russian Germans and their sufferings under the Soviet Regime most people would say: "Hey, they were Germans and the Soviet Union fought a war against Germans. Germans were the "bad guys" and got what they deserved". This logic is very schizophrenic. On the one hand these modern ideologists say that Communists were not racists and that makes the difference between Communism and Nazism. On the other hand they talk about a war between Russians and Germans (not between Communism and Nazism). Ilja Ehrenburg talked abut "Killing the Germans" (not the Nazis). Well, some events in human history are really very schizophrenic and it is nice to know that there are people who tell the truth.



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