Sunday, September 03, 2006

Who reads this blog?

In college I was taught to write for your intended audience. Of course it helps to have an idea who comprises that audience. In regards to this blog I am not real sure. I know the audience is small and includes my parents and one of my uncles. Beyond that I do not have much information to go on. In fact I think they may be my only regular readers. A few other people have e-mailed to tell me that they read it every so often. Others have e-mailed me to note they have read certain posts after I have informed them that I have written on particular subjects of their interest. I suspect that the number of people who find posts on my blog on their own, however, is almost nil. Unlike most blogs I have almost no readers that are themselves bloggers. This means I get almost no feed back via comments or links to other blogs.


Chris O'Byrne said...

Oh, come on now, I read every post. Seriously!

Susan Barnes said...

Have you thought about putting a counter on your blog? They are free and available from several websites. This is the one I use:

It tells you how many "hits" you are getting and also how people found your site. If people are coming to your blog via a search engine it will tell you what search terms they used. Plus it tells you lots of other interesting information as well.

SiberianLight said...

I read your random thoughts, and enjoy them. I blog (at and, before that at and from time to time link to your posts.

Have you considered a hit counter? Statcounter works well for me, as does sitemeter.

J. Otto Pohl said...

Thanks everybody for stopping by. I tried to get a counter once and just about crashed a hard drive in the process. I will see if somebody with some better technical skills can help me install one.

Grant: The Soviets kept fairly detailed records of the resources used in the deportations. Certainly the number of train wagons, engines, internal troops of the NKVD, Red Army soldiers and Militia (regular police)are quite well documented. I will do a post on the resources diverted from the front as a result soon. It was fairly substantial.

Unknown said...

I check in about once a week. Your blog is unlike any others I read and I like that. Keep writing!