Tuesday, June 06, 2006

One more reason we need to stop illegal immigration

I am currently away from Serenity Ranch visiting family in the OC. But, I do have a high speed internet connection here. So I try to keep up on news at home. Recently, illegal aliens blinded my friend Sandy's dog. The dog, Gobbler was in his kennel on Sandy's property when it happened. The criminals sprayed pepper spray into the eyes of a helpless animal just for "kicks." The dog is now blind. This story really upsets me. Blinding a man's dog should be a hanging offense. The full article can be found here. For all those people against taking strong measures against illegal immigrants, "Why do you hate puppy dogs?"

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Chris O'Byrne said...

Interesting, Grant, that you so blithely separate the left and right by their purported abuse of language. Instead of blasting you for such an over-simplification, let me simply ask you this: do you have any statistical evidence supporting your statement? Is not this abuse more an individual trait, instead of a political trait?