Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Something is Definitely Happening on the Border

I live about a dozen miles north of the Mexican border. In the last twenty four hours the Border Patrol has dramatically increased its activities in this area. Today in town I saw three rather than the usual one Border Patrol vehicles and rather than just sitting at the corner they were chasing down vehicles with their sirens. At the ranch the stepped up reconnaissance by the Border Patrol is even more apparent. Frequent sorties by low flying Border Patrol helicopters have been passing overhead on their way to the mountains southwest of us. I do not know exactly what is going on. I am quite sure it is the kind of thing that does not get covered in the media. Rather some historian will piece together the evidence decades from now when the relevant archives are declassified.

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Frank said...

There's apparently a crackdown on illegal immigrants going on. At least, that's what I heard yesterday from my sister, who works in county-level government here in NJ.