Saturday, March 09, 2013

What is going on at work.

Except for Wednesday which was a holiday the electricity has gone out in the history department every single day. When it went out on Thursday the electricians refused to come out and fix it. Apparently they said they were tired of coming out to fix it and so they were not ever going to solve the problem. So now the history and English departments have had no electricity at all for three whole days running and it is really hot and humid. I can stand about 30 minutes in my office in the afternoon, but not any longer, without the air conditioning and fan. Evidently the problem is that when they built our new offices last summer they forgot to add any carrying capacity to the building's wiring to allow it to run the additional air conditioning units they added. They also knew about this problem at the time and decided it was too much work and expense to do it right then. So now it looks like the history and English departments at the University of Ghana will be without electricity indefinitely. I guarantee you that this would not ever happen to the Business school.

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