Monday, March 25, 2013

Sixty four years since Operation "Priboi"

The largest wave of Stalinist deportations from the Baltic States took place 25-30 March 1949. Earlier smaller waves took place in Lithuania in spring 1948 and all three Baltic States on 14 June 1941. Code named "Operation Prioboi" the March 1949 deportations were summed up on 18 May 1949 by S. Kruglov in a report to Stalin.

From the territory of the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian SSRs were exiled 30360 families of kulaks, nationalists and bandits (94779 people), of these men - 25,708, women - 41987, children - 27084, of this number: from the Lithuanian SSR - 9518 families (31917 people), from the Latvian SSR  - 13624 families (42149 people), from the Estonian SSR -7488 families (20173 people).

N.F. Bugai (ed.), Narody stran Baltii v usloviiakh  stalinizma (1940-e - 1950-e gody):  Dokumentirovannaia istoriia  (Stuttgart: Ibidem-Verlag, 2005), p. 74.

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