Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More on Left-Wing Racism

I see that the Left-Wing racists at Crooked Timber who strongly denounced the slight reduction in the very high standard of living of the White people in Greece are now denouncing the IMF's policies in even richer, but still White Cyprus. Policies that will also make rich White people less rich.  But, these same people have been completely silent on the recent further impoverishment by the IMF of poor Black people in Ghana and other African countries through the forced elimination of fuel subsidies. It is clear from this support of the structural racism I outlined above that the American and European LEFT does not consider Black people in Africa to be real people deserving of the same rights, opportunities, and material benefits as White people in Europe. This is a far worse form of racism than the utterance of racial slurs by powerless poor rural Whites in Mississippi.


Walt Richmond said...

Yeah, pretty much, Otto, they just don't give a shit about Africans.

Lystraeus said...

Correction: sub-Saharan africans.