Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wanted: Better Enemies

Say what you want about the Marxist-Leninists at least they had a coherent ideology. It is true that it led to millions of unnecessary deaths, but the basic idea of using the power of the state to forcibly develop the economy and improve the basic living conditions of the descendants of the surviving majority has a certain utilitarian appeal. I do not think improving the economic conditions of life for the children and grandchildren of the 90% of the Soviet population that survived Stalin's massive use of violence at all justifies his crimes. But, I can understand the logic behind it. However, today the radical LEFT in the US is focused completely and totally on justifying and supporting everything ever done by the US Democratic Party since FDR and demonizing everything ever done by the US Republican Party since Nixon. This makes me miss the communists. Because the Democrats have not had a coherent ideology of any sort for the most part other than that on the vast majority of issues since WWII they have agreed with the Republicans. The replacement of Lenin with LBJ as the new revolutionary icon just seems so wrong. I am pretty sure that Ho Chi Minh would have agreed with me on this.

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