Saturday, September 08, 2012

Today's Book Purchases

Today at the university book store I purchased two books compiled by the Socialist Forum of Ghana.

Fight Back: A Response to Anti-Nkrumah Provocations, (2006), 2009.

The Great Deception: The Role of the CIA in the Overthrow of Nkrumah, (2005), 2012.

Interestingly enough they both have advertisements for capitalist enterprises on their back covers. Fight Back has an advertisement for an insurance company, Star Assurance Co. Ltd. and The Great Deception has an advertisement for an Internet service provider,  UCOM. I have not seen an advertisement in a book in a long time. But, I do find it amusing that books published by capitalist for profit publishing houses manage to do without selling advertising while the Socialist Forum of Ghana makes it a regular practice. Advertising is one of the most offensive practices of capitalism and insurance companies are one of the most abusive forms of finance capital. But, I guess these things are okay with people calling themselves socialists now a days.

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