Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Five Reasons why I work at an African not a US university

1. I am not a communist.
2. I am not a feminist.
3. I am not a Zionist.
4. I am not too cowardly to use my own name on the Internet.
5. I am not a liberal racist who believes that Black people can only succeed in institutions of higher learning  if academic standards are lowered for them.


Anonymous said...

Surely you must be a feminist, as in "equal rights for women", even if it's a subset of "equal rights to everybody".

J. Otto Pohl said...

Equal rights for women is not feminism. Feminism is a specific American ideology. It has no applicability in Africa and Asia other than as a weapon to use against politically incorrect peoples like the Palestinians.

LFC said...

This is kind of an absurd post, for a few obvious reasons.
Re using one's own name on the Internet: there are plenty of US academics who do, as you know very well. I use my initials, but then I don't have an academic job. Are you suggesting it's cowardly of me to use my initials? Perhaps I should challenge you to a duel. Pistols at dawn. But I'm not going to pay your air fare from Ghana.