Monday, September 03, 2012

More on Butler, the Palestinians, and the double standards of leftist Zionist academics in the US

Looking around the Internet it does appear that Butler is quite unusual among American leftist Academics, particularly those obsessed with gender studies, in actually taking a stand against the ongoing Israeli dispossession of the Palestinian people. But, even her stand is full of caveats including some mealy mouthed denunciations of violence on both sides and an explicit repudiation of the Palestinian right of armed resistance. It should be noted that the right to armed resistance by occupied people was repeatedly endorsed by the UN in the wake of WWII and things like the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. No leftist professors in the US ever condemned the people of South Africa for their armed resistance against apartheid. Umkhonto we Sizwe was not a Gandhian pacifist organization. But, when it comes to politically incorrect people like the Palestinians, leftist American academics have all kinds of reasons why they should not be given the same rights as other people in the world.

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Anonymous said...

The piece is bullshit. All that talk about Judaism, "Jewish ethics" - sorry, but you don't need any fancy special ethics to form an opinion on this. The basics will do.

More importantly: she's only against the occupation; not a word about the right of return. IOW, she is a Zionist, she supports this ethnocentric ideology, she just doesn't feel good about the details of its implementation. One of those poor, suffering, super-moral, soul-searching, zionist butchers.